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Segway i2 SE Patroller

Segway I2 SE Patroller

Patrol quickly and effortlessly

Our Segway i2 SE is the perfect tool for covering more ground faster and with less effort. For those on patrol, our Segway i2 SE makes the job easier and long shifts feel shorter. With its long range and ability to get in and through crowds easily, it’s a great addition to indoor security teams in shopping malls and airports, as well as at corporate and university campuses.

Segway i2 SESpecifications (spec sheet)

  • Weight 105 lbs.
  • Tires 19” x 4”
  • Footprint 19” x 25”
  • Max Speed 12.5 mph
  • Range* Up to 24 mi

* Actual range depends on riding style and terrain

For information on purchasing Segway i2 SE Patrollers, call 312.552.0169.