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Recreational Segway PT

Segway X2 SE for Fun

Whether in the urban jungle or on a forested mountain, a Segway PT is the perfect way to get around. Segway’s entire line of personal mobility products allow riders to cruise campus, coast to work, tool around town and get to wherever they want to be.

A Segway PT allow you to go farther, faster, while carrying cargo! From running errands around town to exploring the great outdoors, there’s a PT that’s perfect for you. And the beautiful thing about a PT is that you don’t have to pay for gas or parking. All while being environmentally friendly. Hop on, hop off, for getting around the city. If you’re getting back to nature, pack your PT and take it with you. The Segway PT’s removable steering column makes it completely portable!

Check out our line of Segway PTs for Commuting and Trekking: