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Segway PT FAQs

What is the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) and how does it work?

The Segway PT works like the human body’s balance system. But it uses technology called dynamic stabilization to maintain its balance and move forward or backward. When walking, if you lean forward, you take a step forward to keep your balance. If you lean back, you step back. On a PT when you lean forward or back the machine powers the wheels in the direction that you lean, either forward or backward.  To turn, you simply steer with the LeanSteer Frame either left or right.  As an added bonus – the PT is battery powered, so need no to purchase gas or maintain a gas-powered engine. With it, you can travel farther than on foot, at a quicker pace, and can carry cargo.


How fast can a Segway PT go?

There are two speed settings on the Segway PT.  The speed should be set according to the terrain and experience level of the rider.  In Beginner Mode, its max speed of 6mph allows you to get acquainted with your machine and gain confidence. The Standard Mode, at 12.5 mph, provides for the ability to cover open, smooth spaces quickly.


Can I Use a Segway PT indoors?

Absolutely!  With the Segway’s compact design, it fits through doorways and has no emissions. It’s perfect for commercial environments, such as warehouses and manufacturing floors.


Where can I use the Segway PT outdoors?

Our Segway PT x2 SE is especially suited to traversing the outdoors in a variety of terrains.  Its ATV-like tires can handle gravel roads, sand, and grassy surfaces.  And it’s designed to operate even in rainy weather.


How safe is the Segway Personal Transporter (PT)?

The Segway PT is VERY safe.  We take pride in the engineering and design of this marvelous device. The thousands of hours they’ve been used reveals that the Segway PT is safe when used properly. As with any mechanical device, riders must understand they have a responsibility to themselves and those around them to be properly trained, understand their machine, and ride safely.


Where can I legally ride my Segway PT?

The Segway PT is designed to operate any place that you can safely walk.  It IS legal to ride a Segway PT on the sidewalks of the City of Chicago. Other cities, however, may have restrictions so you should check for any regulations that may be applicable to your area.


How much does a Segway PT weigh?

A Segway PT i2 weighs 105 lbs. and an x2 weighs 120 lbs. (with batteries installed).


What is the recommended weight capacity?

Segway recommends having a load of no more than 260 lbs. (rider plus cargo). There is a minimum of 100 lbs. for the rider to be able to activate the balancing sensors.


How far can a Segway PT go on a charge?

The Segway PT is powered by 2 large, rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.  The distance you can cover with a single charge depends on your speed, the terrain, and your model. It’s possible to travel up to 24 miles on a single charge with the I Series and up to 12 miles with the X Series.


How do I recharge my batteries?

Simply plug your Segway PT into any wall outlet to recharge it.


What is your return policy?

Segway’s Return Policy does not allow customers to return a Segway PT if it has been used, so we encourage you to try one out or come on one of our tours before ordering. Please note that if you do return an unused Segway, Segway’s Return Policy states that customer are subject to a 10% re-stocking fee. Pre-owned Segway PTs are also not returnable.


How much does a Segway PT cost?

Prices vary depending upon the model and options. Please call us for a quote at 312.552.2017.


What if I need service performed on my Segway PT?

Absolutely Chicago Segway Sales is an authorized service provider. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems with your Segway PT.


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